Our New Year’s resolutions

Whether it’s staple items such as looking at your diet or fitness, or you’re just looking to bring a bit more balance or peace to your life, 2021 is the year that is carrying the hopes of many following a year most of us would rather forget.

Whilst some of the traditional New Year, New You plans (and we’re specifically looking at the gyms here 👀) may have to be augmented slightly due to some factors outside of our control, it’s still important to have those goals for the coming 12 months in order to make 2021 feel like a year of progression.

This year New Year, New You will have particular focus on you, so for those of you out there looking for inspiration outside of your usual join a gym routines, here are the goals – big and small – the Recruitment Solutions NW team are setting themselves over the coming 12 months…

Karen Reynolds


I’m targeting myself with completing a 10k run and generally becoming more flexible – particularly getting my knees and lower back working! After the challenges of 2020 I’m also making a conscious effort to not look back and really grab the future – Recruitment Solutions (NW) Ltd continues to be my pride and joy!

Andrew Schofield


Firstly, stop eating grab bags of crisps – just stick to normal size. Secondly is to get back on-track with my training in preparation for an Ultra Marathon in June.

Sheila McQuillam


Mine is to get out more – probably like most of the nation at the moment!

Louise O’Brien


On the serious side, and particularly after the past 12 months, I’m going to be trying to take my young daughter, Ruby, out to see more places. On the not-so-serious side, I’ll be stopping eating prawn spiral crisps or I may actually turn into a prawn spiral.

Toni Nutbeem


Mine’s a diet-based resolution, particularly around lunch. Sausage and beans for lunch is no more!

Josh Sinfield


Spend less time away from my desk making brews 😊

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