What Employers Are Looking for on a CV in 2024

What are employers looking for on my CV?”

This is one of the most common questions that our candidates ask us when it comes to discussing the role and employer they’re looking for, as well as whether their CV reflects the best version of them.

Narrowing down on the sets of skills that employers are after is always crucial, and it’s no different in 2024. Whether it’s lived experience, soft skills or cultural fit, here are the key elements that hiring managers ask us for when recruiting for their teams…

Adaptability and Flexibility

The world changes fast, so businesses need to be able to change with it. Employers value candidates who can adapt to new situations and pivot when needed, so showcasing instances where you demonstrated flexibility in your roles, as well as navigating effectively and positively through change, is a must.

Digital Literacy

With the integration of technology in almost every industry, digital literacy is no longer a bonus—it’s a necessity. Highlight your proficiency with relevant tools, software, and platforms. Mention any certifications or courses that showcase your commitment to staying digitally savvy.

Compete and HONESTY around Remote Working

The adoption of working from home came to the forefront of workplaces during COVID-19, and 4yrs on from the pandemic, most businesses have seen their stance on remote working solidified. Some love it and it’s crucial to the way in which they operate; others value the culture that can be generated from the office environment.

Both approaches work, but our core advice around this is to be honest about what you’re looking for. Tech has enabled workplaces to be infinitely more flexible than was previously possible, but every business will have its own approach to how a workplace functions, and that should match yours.

For the majority of businesses where remote work has become a permanent feature, you should emphasise your experience with remote collaboration tools, your ability to manage time effectively, and any successful remote projects you’ve undertaken.

Soft Skills

While technical expertise remains vital, employers increasingly value soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Demonstrate instances where your interpersonal skills played a crucial role in achieving project success or resolving challenges within a team.

Data Literacy

In an era where data drives decision-making, employers appreciate candidates who can interpret and leverage data effectively. If the role you’re applying for requires it, showcase your analytical skills and any experience you have with data visualization tools, making it clear how you’ve contributed to data-informed decision-making.

Culture is King and Queen

A culturally diverse and engaging workplace is a must now for both employers and candidates. Highlight experiences where you’ve embraced the important cultural moments at your previous employers or contributed to creating an inclusive environment. Commitment to values will stand out amongst the more functional parts of your CV.

Continuous Learning and Upskilling

Every employer sees an employee as an investment in their future, so being committed to lifelong learning is highly valued. Demonstrate your dedication to personal and professional development by including relevant courses, certifications, or workshops you’ve undertaken to stay current in your field.

Does your CV showcase what you can really do?

As you craft your CV for the job market in 2024, considering these key elements that are actively sought will not only make you stand out to employers, but will help you to find the employer that YOU want.

Get your CV interview ready with our free CV checker. Writing a CV and cover letter which accurately and concisely showcases what you can do can be tough. Our resource team speak to the North West’s best business every day, so they know what they’re looking out for.

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