£35000 / year

About Candidate



  • Currently studying Accounting and Finance Degree
  • A Levels achieved in Law, History and Government and Politics – Oldham Sixth Form College
  • 7 GCSEs achieved at grade A* – C – North Chadderton School

Systems used

  • Microsoft Word and Excel – Intermediate
  • Salesforce
  • Bespoke Systems

Key skills

  • Highly Experienced in Risk Assessment & Analysis
  • Solution Focused
  • Quality Assurance
  • Target Driven

Career Summary

Current Employer – Finance Company

Position – Business Finance Underwriter

Dates – April 2023 – Present

  • Reporting to Credit Manager – working in a Sole Position
  • Underwriting Unsecured Loans, Bridging Loans for SMEs & Large Corporations
  • Providing Detailed Analysis when Determining Client’s Equity Position – including Property Valuation & Existing Debt Levels
  • Regularly assessed Business Reports & Financial Statements including Income Statements / Balance Sheets & Cash Flow Statements
  • Evaluating Business Financial Position & Determined Risk Appetite including Insolvent & loss-making Businesses both Regulated / Unregulated 
  • Identify Key Risk by Analysing Financials, Assets, Market, Legal and Contractual Risks – Made informed Decisions based on Level of Risk & Creditworthiness
  • Working Alongside Risk Director / Credit Manager for Proposals outside the Lending Criteria & Actively South Vendor Opportunities

Previous Employer – Finance Comany

Position – Mortgage and Secured Loan Underwriter

Dates – August 2022 – April 2023

  • Underwrote Bridging Loans / Buy to Let Mortgages – Adhering to Lending Criteria & Ris Management Guidelines
  • Considered Possible Exit Strategies by Judging the Borrowers’ Repayment Plan & Sale of Property Value – including Possible Changes to Property Value in order to Ensure a Stable fallback position
  • Calculaeted Affordability from Debt-to-Income Ratios / Analysed Credit Behaviours including Factors such as Payment History / Credit Utilisation / Length & Type of Credit
  • Assessed the ability to repay with Likelihood of Taking on Additional Debt during Length of the Term
  • Justified to Senior Team Members the Borrower’s Capacity to Repay
  • Provided Solutions to Eliminate Risks early on in the Process for Client with Lesser Credibility by following Stringent Policies, External Regulations and Adhered to Industry Standards
  • Scored High in Compliance and Audit Checks
  • Helped Create an Underwriting Template to be used Department Wide which Reduced SLAs by half

Previous Employer – Finance Company

Position – Finance Assistant

Dates – August 2021 – August 2022

  • Monitored & Managed Credit Portfolios for Corporate Client
  • Assisted with Month End Closing Procedures by Tracking Payments / Processed Invoices / Accounts Payable and Ensured Timely Payments to Vendors and Suppliers
  • Collaborated with Auditors to provide Necessary Documentation & Information During Financial Audits
  • Met individual Targets & Provide Regular Input in Meetings
  • Initiated 1-2-1s / Teem Meetings

Previous Employer – Finance Company

Position – Credit Underwriter

Dates – November 2020 – July 2021

  • Maintained Credit Policy Standards / Performed General Supervision on Work Flow & Participated to Achieve & Exceed Departmental & Company Targets
  • Collaborated with Brokers / Borrowers and Other Stakeholders – Clarified Requirements
  • Considered Possible Significant Changes in Interest Rate if Variable Loan Product was chosen during the term of the Loan for the Borrowers’ ability to repay
  • Requested Further Financials to Strengthen the Proposal to gain Assurance such as Proof of Savings / Tax Returns / Cash Intakes & MI’s
  • Requested PNW’s & Assessed the availability and value of Collateral such as Assets for Tenants

Previous Employer – Finance Company

Position – Legal Administrator

Dates – August 2018 – October 2020