A day in the life of a recruiter

What does an average day look like on a busy North West recruitment desk?

That’s what we asked our Associate Director, Joanne Sizer, who revealed what a day in her life at Recruitment Solutions looks like…

  • 8AM
    I arrive in work get settled into my desk and emails with a brew
  • 8.30AM
    I’ll begin to work through the overnight applications we received across all jobs, contacting the Candidates who look a good match for the roles we have
  • 9.15AM
    Our team meeting. We run through the interview schedule for the day, check our live jobs and plan the day ahead
  • 10AM
    Work on job management across all roles, as well as make any Client calls and help our Candidates with any questions or issues
  • 10.30AM – 12PM
    We work on searches across our jobs using our in-house system, as well as external sites such as Reed, Total and CV Library
  • 12PM – 2PM
    Usually reserved for call backs. People are generally on lunch over this time so it is a busy period for getting hold of Candidates
  • 2PM – 3PM
    Our Power Hour; we switch up to something different, which could be business development, revenue protection calling, pre-start checks or contacting ‘HOT’ Candidates
  • 3PM – 4.30PM
    We use this as block-time for job admin. This could be updating jobs, checking in on Candidates or managing my campaigns as a whole
  • 4.30PM – 5.30PM
    Re-visit the Candidates from today – again this is a busy time for getting hold of people once they finish work
  • 5.30PM
    I’ll leave the office and go and pick my little girl up from nursery!

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