Come and explore the North West!

No – not a travel promotion article – we’re actually referring to the Northern Powerhouse in which you could play a successful future part.

So much has been said about the politics of the concept but the important issue about the Powerhouse is actually about the amount of first class businesses already in and coming to the area and how this, in turn, is creating an urgent need for first class candidates to meet their recruitment demands.

Manchester is officially the fastest growing city outside of the South East of England over the next three years which will result in nearly 5,000 new jobs in 2015 alone!

As a specialist accountancy recruiter, this makes us jump for joy…we work with some pretty amazing clients as it is – both in the City Centre and the Greater Manchester area but to meet client supply we will need quality candidates in excess of those available locally.

We are, therefore, asking you the question – why not consider developing your career in 2016 by going a little further afield to achieve your new year’s resolutions?

All of you who think the South East is the only place to get the quality of business and role you are used to may like to try spreading your wings northwards.

In the North West you could be working for companies varying from a multi-national group in a key Shared Service Centre, an IT start up with a new product to sell, a multi-channel fashion company with a worldwide market or the Northern Hub of a national accountancy practice.

To be perfectly honest the options are here for the taking and, as we have a Londoner amongst our ranks who has lived here for eleven years, we can testify that there is plenty to do to achieve a great work / life balance and yes, we have to say it – the people are more friendly!

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