Temp recruiting will create a safe & sustainable return to business

With all eyes turning to Boris Johnson’s announcement this Sunday, attentions will soon be focused on what needs to be done post-Lockdown to return our lives to a state of normality.

The reality will likely be a staggered return, but for business owners this will mean safely and sustainably putting workers back in place to either fulfil a backlog of work or to cope with the inevitable rush of demand for products or services as the world’s population return to becoming a consumer.

How business owners cope with managing that demand is another matter, something which Recruitment Solutions Managing Director, Karen Reynolds, will put a particular strain on the temporary recruitment market. Of the prospect, she said:

We’re already seeing a few of our clients preparing themselves for the inevitable clamour to return to normality and profitability as soon as possible. A huge part of that is making sure the business’ workforce is ready to maximise on that demand, both in terms of having the ability and resource to do that work.

Easing of lockdown measures should help with ability, but when it comes to resource speed of creating a workforce will be the key. Recruiting of temporary workers is usually the fastest way to build a workforce and with the times still being a little uncertain, temp recruiting will likely be the most sustainable too.

Our message is simple, wherever and whenever you’re ready to recruit key workers or key positions, our team are working remotely and arranging online meetings and interviews and offer our help and support 24/7.

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