Tempted by a temporary worker? Here’s why you should hire one…

With the current recruitment figures from KPMG and REC showing a slow-down in hiring activity as the dreaded B-Word continues to linger over the UK, it appears businesses are increasingly looking towards flexibility when it comes to recruiting for their teams.
Flexibility in hiring comes in many forms. Some business owners look towards injecting flexibility into the roles they offer, such as reducing the demands on their physical workplaces through the offer of flexitime and work-from-home arrangements to staff, reducing overheads in the process. Some business owners go one step further by investing in technology to create digital workspaces away from the bricks and mortar, again keeping an eye on the all-important cash flow.
For most though, flexibility starts right at the beginning of the hiring process, which is in the contracts that are offered to recruits. Temporary staff and those in short-term contract jobs are becoming more and more the norm for both employers and employees as the desire for a flexible working life takes precedent – temps in the UK are a big tick in this box!
Tempted by a temporary worker? Here’s why hiring one should be at the top of your list…

The skills you need, when you need them.

Every day in every business there comes a point when a specialised set of skills are needed for a certain job and this is particularly true for business entering a period of change or growth.

Got an increasing seasonal demand that needs addressing? Got a project that needs seeing through to completion? Temporary staff are specifically recruited for those purposes.

They’re also available at the drop of a hat. If you’re categorising the work under that ‘Needs doing this week’ column but you haven’t necessarily got the free hands to do it, a temp employee could be for you.

Pass on the paperwork as your temping agency plays the role of employer.

If you opt for temporary staff, the temp recruitment agency acts as the employer and as such looks after the recruiting and interview processes, as well as the tax, payroll and other red-tape demands.

Permanent recruitment brings with it a number of other responsibilities associated with employment law and when a business is anticipating a period of change or growth, this might not present the ideal situation when it comes to managing that team.

Focus on that bottom line – get real value for your money.

A company’s calendar often contains peaks and troughs in terms of workload and for a permanent workforce this can lead to quieter moments where the output is not at it’s optimum.

Temps are different though – they have a sole aim, a particular mission. And when that mission’s accomplished, you’ve got the flexibility to adjust your workforce as needed, making the money you put into your salaries go further.

Could a temp help your business?

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