5 ways to make sure you stand out in a video interview in 2021

For most people, 2021 is the poster child of getting back on track after year with more than a few bumps in the road.

Whilst this is entirely true (ultimately the year is what you make it), it also inevitably leads to a huge number of people flocking to the businesses that are still hiring. This means competition and competition means standing out from the crowd, so here are a few simple bits of advice from our team you can implement in your next video interview to give yourself the best possible shot…

1. Use a laptop

Obviously this is contingent on having a laptop, but if you have one, use it.

Current technology enables candidates to video chat through their phones to an interviewer who invariably is using a laptop; whilst this is great, you as the candidate are using a screen that is orientated in portrait whilst the interviewer sees you on a landscape screen – this can mean an awkward zoom occurs on your screen which unfortunately you can’t see and we’re pretty sure your interviewer doesn’t want to have a chat with just your nose or forehead 🙂

2. Use earphones or headphones with an in-built microphone

Again a very simple one, but using earphones with a mic built in will a) keep the conversation clear for both sides, but also b) avoid most of the interference from the world around you, giving you a cleaner and more professional demeanor.

3. Be aware of what is happening in the house around you and your internet connection

A working-from-home lifestyle will, for most, bring with it working alongside other members of the family and / or children.

Having multiple people in a house doing various things – probably involving the internet – will eat up your bandwidth and potentially make your interview a jittery affair regardless of how much you control your nerves. Before any interview, agree beforehand an hour’s break from online activities to save your connection failing in the middle of you making your case for why you’d be a great asset to the interviewers’ team.

4. Talk enthusiastically about the social aspect of your work approach

Nothing can beat a culture that is generated from physically being in an office, so businesses in 2021 want to understand how you will fit into the team from a personality perspective to help drive that culture.

Give examples of team engagement activities you’ve been involved in or any ideas you’ve got. Reiterate the point that you’re really looking forward to being a part of a team culture from a social perspective as well as a professional one. This will help an employer see you as a potential valuable advocate for their brand and business and make you stand out.

5. Talk about tech

Whilst physically being in the office is really valuable, current external circumstances are naturally making this very difficult for employers right now so technology is being used as best as it can to replicate the effect of having a team around you.

The reliance on technology won’t go away either, it’ll only enhance our working lives in a post-COVID world so it’s important to showcase any systems you’ve worked with (or are really looking forward to using) to convince your prospective new employer that you’re the right fit for their forward-thinking team.

Team collaboration software is the key general highlight – we’re thinking the likes of Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom and more.

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