Business Analyst

£25000 / year

About Candidate


  • 2021 MSc Business Intelligence & Analysis
  • 2019 BA International Politics & Intelligence Studies

Systems used

  • Excel including Macros
  • SAP
  • SPSS
  • Arena
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Python
  • Salesforce
  • Word, Outlook & PowerPoint

Career Summary

Current Employer – Bank

Position – Cash Operations Administrator – Contract

Dates – November 2021 – May 2022

  • Reports to the Finance Manager and the Director of Contract Operations
  • Supports daily financial transaction operating processes by ensuring accuracy in daily cash balancing, cash account reconciliations and procedural compliance
  • Conducted Transaction Monitoring transition by creating Standard Operating Procedures to improve the Anti-Money Laundering processes
  • Saved over 0.3 FTE by troubleshooting, resolving, and suggesting improvements for processes in the department
  • Reports on various performance and processing KPIs for the department, calculated the capacity for the business and performed CBA assessments
  • Analysing audit queries and providing appropriate accounting explanations and documentation where required
  • Working across teams to deliver projects and performed UAT, BAT and Regression Testing

Previous Employer – Charity

Position – Management Consultant – Contract

Dates – July 2021 – September 2021

  • Reported to the stakeholders of the business
  • Set a strategic direction for the organisation by using new software features as solutions to business goals
  • Calculated the demand for mental health services in the area by researching and evaluating data to estimate the demand for mental health services by districts
  • Conducted a strategic needs’ assessment by analysing the data to inform and guide the planning and commissioning of the post-lockdown operations
  • Prepared a long-term strategy and success measurement tool for the organisation through data science modelling to create a formalised roadmap with recommendations
  • Presented to stakeholders

Previous Employer – Bar

Position – Bar Manager

Dates – May 2021 – September 2021

  • Grew revenue by calculating the inventory usage and building positive relationships with suppliers
  • Delivered consistent performance by regularly training staff and managing budget
  • Increased customers retention by creating a connection with the local community by maintaining the high standards of the venue
  • Monitored and influenced marketing of the company by promotion through social media and word of mouth marketing